Cannot Delete Post on Facebook Group: Facebook Bug Bounty

Hello there, I am Saugat from Kathmandu Nepal. I am back again with the explanation of my 4th Bug Bounty on Facebook. Let me elaborate in detail.

Last month, I was posting some information on a few Facebook groups. I even posted on some groups with the post-approval system; which basically means the admins of the group need to review the post before letting it into the group.

I accidentally posted the wrong photo in one group which had post-approval system. I wanted to delete that post. I tapped on the delete button. But to my surprise, it always showed an error while deleting the post.

I thought this is a privacy issue since a person cannot delete his/her own post and reported this issue to Facebook.

Facebook Team acknowledged the issue and rewarded with a good bounty amount.

Video POC of the Issue:

Timeline of the Report:

February 18, 2020: Report Sent
March 2, 2020: Pre-Triaged
March 6, 2020: Triaged
April 2, 2020: Issue Fixed and confirmation of fix
April 2, 2020: Bounty Rewarded

Thank you for taking the time to read my article. Have a great day!

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